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There is good and then there’s the Ronin! Lawbreakers, psychopaths, scum of the earth or freedom fighters striking a blow for the common man – it is your decision. The one thing you can be sure of is you’ve hired the best!

The job is as good as done, as long as the money is right.

Experts at their trade, and hand-picked from the vicious street gangs that roam the outer cities and wastelands, they are trained to become the ultimate combatants. The Ronin can be used as a faction by themselves or as Mercs to supplement your other Rezolution forces. The Ronin are invisible, blanks. They don’t exist within the system and, as such, they make ideal operatives for those who wish to remain anonymous and avoid the wrath of the CSO, governments or major corporations. Seen as modern-day Robin Hoods by many, but as dangerous criminals by those in power and authority, the Ronin are yours to mold. You can assemble the force to suit your particular style of play and tactics, for the Ronin are as individual as snowflakes, with no two crews the same.

This box set contains a full Ronin Crew ready to be assembled, painted and sent into battle! With just a few dice and a ruler, you will have everything you need to begin your conquests in the Rezolution Universe.

Contents include: 5 finely detailed metal miniatures • 1 Maven • 1 Ghost (hacker) • 1 Shootist • 1 Fist • 1 Brick 5 Data Cards Deviation Dice Rezolution Quick-Start Rules CD-ROM including printable terrain, counters and templates.

Models are supplied unpainted and may require assembly. Glue and paint not included.

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